Monday, February 19, 2018

Nassau and the Sanctuary


Today we are docked in Nassau and arrival is early.  We did not sleep very well.  Again those worrying issues about my aunts is on my mind.

We are heading up to the Sanctuary for the entire day.
Nassau is lovely if you can get away from the downtown area.  But we have a 12:30 all aboard so for us we have agreed that the Sanctuary is where we are meant to be.  We look forward to a full day of relaxation.

Bernie heads down to the international café to get coffees and says a lot of people are already off.

Oh I wanted to share this new food listing we got with the Patter today.  It lists all the dining venues their times and what they are featuring.  What special items you can get – like made to order omelets.  Also the times for each venue.  Well done Princess.

I did notice yesterday when I was doing the Princess end of cruise survey that they had extra questions about food items.  Like do you know about Alfredos freshly made pizza, sushi bar, omelet station etc.  I of course knew about all the items they motioned but I am sure many don’t know.  This extra sheet with detailed information will really help new cruisers or new cruisers to the Royal Princess.

Well we are off to the Sanctuary.  Will write more later.