Monday, August 21, 2017

Train Travel Booked - Finally

You may remember me writing about my frustrations with booking train travel in Italy - read about it here.

Over the weekend I finally got around to booking the train trips but again it was a little bit of game playing on both parts.

I always recommend searching booking sites but also to go to the source and check there too and for us it was better to book directly with Trenitalia.

First was the trip from the port to Lucca.  That was easy and we got tickets on the 10:45 train.

Next was the trip from Lucca to Venice.  The two for one was still offered.  However the first class train was just a little bit more so went with that.  But when I searched for one person the price was lower per person than when I searched for two people, per person.

So I then had to book it as two separate tickets to get the lower price.

So make sure when you are searching take note of the price for one person and then what the price is for two.  Is it more to book per person when you book two tickets?  Or is it better to book two separate tickets?